Becoming A Tutor

Tutoring is a component of non-formal education and encompasses a wide range of learning support and assistance provided outside of conventional education and typically outside of the school setting. It is not a new occurrence in the world of education. Tutoring does build self-confidence for performance, additionally, strengthening the learning experience. LARN actively applies the findings of Atkin and Karplus 5E Model – which emphasizes the need of allowing learners and students to discover a subject over time by following an established series of steps or phases. Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate are the phases that make up the process.

Private tuition is so expensive, it appears to be a luxury that only kids from higher-income families can afford, resulting in students from lower-income families missing out on chances and resources that should be available to them as well. However, at LARN, we offer free tuition to learners that need it the most. Our free online classes are delivered through Zoom and can accommodate a maximum of 15 participants. This is only possible, as we have tutors that are willing to offer their time voluntarily to provide free sessions.